Dr Eleanor Groves joins LSI Researcher Development

Dr Eleanor GrovesI have recently joined Queen Mary as a Researcher Development Adviser for the Life Sciences Initiative (LSI). My role is to support the career development of life sciences researchers. I will work very closely with the Researcher Development team within the CAPD and my aim is to ‘add value’ to the excellent existing activities, facilities and training programmes, whilst promoting the aims of the LSI.

Life Sciences in QMUL is currently virtual cross-faculty initiative that aims to promote and facilitate interdisciplinary research (as well as teaching and public engagement) and its impact on human health, where we already have a wealth of experience and within which we aspire to be at the forefront of academic activity. The LSI team is expanding and we hope you will hear more about the LSI and its activities in the coming months.

Since making the difficult decision to leave the lab 6 years ago I have become committed to supporting the careers, at all stages, of those who choose to pursue this challenging but exciting and rewarding career path. Do I miss the lab? Well, yes, sometimes – there are so many plusses to a research career, but I don’t miss those days of cowering behind the lab door while the ultracentrifuge gears up or the radioactive spillages where I had to burn my jeans (true)! Instead I find I really enjoy having a positive impact on researchers’ careers – our role as Researcher Development Advisers is to provide researchers with the opportunity to gain the skills and tools needed to be successful, through a variety of means such as training programmes, and to support their careers.

My previous role was as a Senior Grants Adviser at the Wellcome Trust where I had nearly 6 years of experience of grant application processing and administration as well as providing career and application advice to the scientific community. Before that I completed a PhD in bacterial pathogenesis at Imperial College London and undertook a period of post-doctoral research there on an EC-funded systems biology project before pursuing my current career in research support.

I am really excited to learn more about the diverse and exciting research going on at QMUL and am looking forward to finding ways to promote interdisciplinary life science and scientists’ careers. I am always open to suggestions and ideas for relevant activities, training and events so please do get in touch.


About ruipiresmartins

I'm a researcher developer for postdocs and research staff at Queen Mary University of London. Prior to that, I was an EMBO Fellow at the Gurdon Institute (University of Cambridge), studying Embryonic development and a PDRA in the Institute of Bioengineering (QMUL) studying nuclear and chromatin architecture in embryonic stem cells.
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