Vitae Resources

Vitae is a UK organisation that is very active in the higher education sector. They offer support and resources for academic researchers, as they develop from PhD students, through postdoctoral stages, and beyond the academy.

Their website has a wealth of helpful advice to help inform your career development and decisions. As part of our ‘in a couple of minutes’ video series this month, we profile the resources available through their website,

You can watch the video along with the others in the series on QMplus, in the research staff section. There you will also find content related to workshops and events that the CAPD organises for research staff. If you have not accessed the section before, you will be prompted to auto-enrol. If you have not accessed QMplus before, you will be prompted for your QMUL credentials to log in.


About ruipiresmartins

I'm a researcher developer for postdocs and research staff at Queen Mary University of London. Prior to that, I was an EMBO Fellow at the Gurdon Institute (University of Cambridge), studying Embryonic development and a PDRA in the Institute of Bioengineering (QMUL) studying nuclear and chromatin architecture in embryonic stem cells.
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